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Welcome to EscortPIN
EscortPIN is a free client screening service used by escorts. The service was created back in 2004 for the safety of escorts. It's important that you, the client - trust and understand the verification process. You can rest assured that your privacy will in no way be compromised during this process. The information gathered is never used for any purpose other than maintaining the well being of the escorts. Additionlly our servers are located offshore, outside of the U.S. jurisdiction. We have multiple sophisticated encryptions and firewalls for additional buffers to insulate our information and only one person have access to our database. We do not gamble with yours or the escorts safety.

Verification Process
1) PIN code creation
Create a personal escort PIN code on our site, it should consist of 5 to 8 digits - this will be the pin code you'll enter when
calling protcted numbers or entering protected websites. Choose something that you'll remember easily.
2) Name verification
In this step we'll verify your name, we'll transfer you to a secure site and do what's called a Test Authorization of
$1, this will only be accepted if you entered your real name. The authorization will disappear within 24 hours and will never
be shown on your statement.
3) Sex offender check
We'll check your details in a national sex offender registry. Currently this list contains more than 43.481 offenders.
Should we find you listed then we'll have to decline your application.
4) Blacklist check
Your details will be checked against a national blacklist with bad incidents filed by escorts. This might not be 100% accurate
but again, should we suspect a listing then we'll decline your application.
5) Government check
We're checking your details againt a list of know agencies, addresses and names or any other suspicious data - should anything
appear then we'll decline your application.
6) Approval
When your EscortPIN has been approved you'll be noticed by email and you're then able to access the protected phone
numbers and websites. This process should take less than 5 minutes.

EscortPIN currently has 3731 escorts using our free service and is growing rapidly every day!


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