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Excerpts from escorts using EscortPIN.

"Perfect, my private details and cell is now protected by EscortPIN, great service! About time someone came up wth something like this."

GFEMOM, AZ (Escort)

"After such frustration of verifying every single client on my own I can now rely on EscortPIN. Safety is a BIG issue in this line of business! Please, keep up the good work!"

Wet'nWild, DC (Escort)

"Simply amazing - I'm from LA and my friends have had so many incidents with shitty clients, finally there's a decent way to screen them!"

Linda22, LA (Escort)

"I used to spend sooo much time on the internet screening guys and was always nervous when meeting new clients. You guys make me feel safer and I dont have to do the unpleasant screening. Thanks guys .... :)"

ChristineG, NY (Escort)

"I wish I have discovered this site earlier, it would have saved me a lot of time, money, and disappointment. Please put this in your testimonials. I'm one happy camper!"

MaryBBW, NY (Escort)

"I'm from Florida and I must say that your site have surpassed my every expectation, it only took 30 minutes to setup your system on my phone and website and it just works!"

TampaBlonde, FL (Escort)

Thank you all for the kind words! We are happy to be there for you!

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